Legal Interviewing: Aim to Talk 80% of the Time

A recent ABA Journal printed the advice of a legal recruiter out of New Jersey, remarking that the law student sitting in for an on-campus interview should seek to speak for approximately 80% of the time.  The rest of the article gives fairly common interview advice (research the firm you are interviewing for, have all of your materials with you including resume, transcript, and writing sample).  The “80/20 Rule” may not be set in stone, but I think is a factor for something else: to make yourself memorable (in a good way) during the interview.  And you definitely cannot do that if you don’t contribute enough.

The article is available here.

Law Firm Pronunciation Guide

How do you say Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle?  How about Debevoise & Plimpton?

If you had an interview with a firm like this, your failed pronunciation of their name could be the difference between a call back and a thinly-packed ding letter.

Fortunately, Georgetown Law School has a law firm pronunciation guide out there for the major firms, available to anyone at a single click!

Duke Law School has one available as well.