Stand Aside U.S. News, Crowdsourced Law School Rankings

Up to now, the primary resource for prospective law students looking for school rankings has been U.S. News & World Report. Exclusive reliance on its rankings is something U.S. News & World cautions against, but that caution sounds no different than S&P or Moody’s saying: “Our ratings of various securities are the best in the industry, but don’t make them the only thing you rely on when making an investment decision.”

In short, rely on us, but don’t really rely on us.

Well, perhaps now U.S. News doesn’t have to worry about being relied on nearly as much. A group called the Conglomerate is taking web user’s votes on law school rankings. The website is hardly scientific, and the voting scheme is more like voting on hot or not. (I can’t even believe that website is still up. You’re welcome.)

But really, is consulting it any worse than consulting a magazine that ranks people according to statistics everyone knows are gamed by the schools, statistics that aren’t adequately audited in any accountable manner, statistics that no reasonable person should trust as a representation of reality?

Conglomerate’s Crowdsourced Rankings are here.

Great Above the law Commentary is available here.

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