98% Employed at Graduation… but not really

File this one under “know what you’re getting yourself into.”

If you’ve ever wondered how law schools can report a 98 – 100% employed at graduation rate in the midst of a recession after law firms had recently terminated the employment of thousands of attorneys, today’s Above the Law offers the closest thing available to a smoking gun here.

This story should be mandatory reading for anyone considering law school, and it’s message is simple: don’t trust the ratings– seek out and talk to actual law students and lawyers before you enter into this three year commitment.

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  1. Hi, I checked your site on the recommendation of http://shinpaideshou.wordpress.com. I’m undergraduate and I have a plan to attend law school after I graduate. This Spring, I will be spending a semester in Japan. This made me think whether it would be possible for me to attend law school in Japan rather than in my country. May I ask whether, in your experience, scholarship grants are available for foreigners like me? And whether International Law is available (and in English)? Because I know that some specialize in Japanese law but for me, I am more interested in International law. I dream of entering TODAI but perhaps it will just be a dream…

    Hope you’re doing well!


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