Resume Advice from the Top 14


So far, so good.

A legal education is, in the end, a ranking obsessed education.  Are you in a Top 14 school or aren’t you?  Are you on the main journal or some secondary topic law journal?  Are you in the top 10% of your class or not?  I could go on and on.  It’s not fun, and most students don’t like it, but it is the unfortunate way of life in legal education.

For some reason, the rankings Gods have decided to loan hallowed status to the Top 14 ranked schools in the nation.  Why fourteen?  Nobody knows.  What everyone does know is that it must really piss school School #15 off.

With On-Campus interviews looming — it’s time to see what the Top Fourteen law schools have out there for resume enhancement:

(1) Yale Law School has its breakdown of resume writing, albeit aimed at alumni, here.

(2) Harvard Law has a page covering resumes, cover letters, interviews, and more: here.

(3) Stanford has a long .pdf file on resume writing here.

(4) Columbia gets it done in three paragraphs, here.

(5), (6) University of Chicago only offers resume advice to prospective students, and NYU offers more than a few resumes for legal academic careers.  Fueling the Law School Tuition Bubble a bit, perhaps?

(7) UC Berkeley doesn’t have their resume tips out for the public eye.

(8) University of Pennsylvania has some sample resumes and writing tips up for grabs.  (Note: The writing tips never loaded properly for me either).

(9) University of Michigan has it’s sample resumes right long with its sample everything else.

(10) University of Virginia’s public resume samples are aimed at those seeking public service.

(11) Duke offers some straightforward advice here.

(12) Northwestern’s resume guide is off limits to non-students / non-alums.

(13) Cornell has an example third-year law student resume on display.

(14) Georgetown has its resume pointers here.

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