Prospectives Beware: Post-Grad Employment Numbers Aren’t What They Seem

And currently two law students at Vanderbilt Law School are suggesting a way to fix that problem.

The farce of law school provided post-grad employment statistics is more than well-known, but every year plenty of prospective students flip through U.S. World & News rankings, see loads of law schools with post-grad employment in the 90% – 98% range, and convince themselves into law school without much further thought.  It’s an interesting phenomenon, as lawyers are known for being terrible with two things: mathematics, and the truth.  The result is that if you give any credence to the employment numbers law schools claim, you’re probably too much of a sucker to be a lawyer or to consider law school.

Needless to say, two law students are currently pushing a non-profit initiative to hopefully increase the flow of information to prospective students, so there are fewer people making the decision to incur the serious amount of debt and loss of time necessary to go to law school in the haze of unreliable law school provided statistics.

Their current organization is called Law School Transparency, and is can be found here.

For further reading, see the Above the Law column on the pair.

For further reading on law school statistic manipulation, see Lies, Damn Lies and Law School Employment Statistics

Updated to add:  The ABA has also taken note of the effort for increased transparency in post-grad employment numbers.

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